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The Education Summit is hosted by the French Education Institute (IFE) affiliated to Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Lyon, in collaboration with Pôle Supérieur de Design in Villefontaine. ENS is the home of Information Architecture Master and Pôle Supérieur de Design is home to the Master (DSAA) in Interaction Design. Both are unique pilot programs in France experimenting novel pedagogical approaches.

ENS Lyon

Master in Information Architecture

In 2012 the ENS de Lyon opened the first Master in Information Architecture. The master trains students in a blend of Interaction Design, Computer Science, and Information Science, with the ambition to create information architects. The aspiration of the master is to train people not only in the practical aspects of application design and ubiquitous access to information, but also to envision the responsibilities and global strategies such architects could put in place to create desirable futures.

Master in Information Architecture

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Pôle Supérieur de Design Villefontaine

Master (DSAA) Product and Interaction Design

Relying on a teaching method based on design projects, the training enables students to carry on projects (products, services, digital processes and devices, smart objects) in various contexts, in partnership with companies, institutions and Research and Innovation Centers. These projects are linked to methodological, technical, creative and cultural courses in relation to the objective of the projects, taught by teachers, professionals and academics. During the 2nd year, the students alternate academic courses and work periods (apprenticeship). The Pôle Supérieur de Design in Villefontaine is one of the few schools offering this possibility which gives the students the double opportunity to individualise his/her training and facilitate his/her entering the working place.

Master (DSAA) Product and Interaction Design

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