Education Summit – 8 February 2015 – San Francisco

About Education Summit

General presentation

The IxDA Education Summit is an annual, global gathering of educators and industry professionals dedicated to building and promoting quality interaction design education. This year during IxDA Interaction 18 Week, we will explore design education, from its most traditional to most unexpected, from its current state to its future possibility through a mix of inspirational talks, practical hands-on advice, and pragmatic workshops.

This year — Education Summit 18

The Education Summit is not only about transmitting knowledge, but about sharing with peers. Our goal is to generate discussion that fosters new ideas and connections among IxDA members. For the first time this year, we will frame and distribute a record of Education Summit events and outcomes in the form of a publication to last beyond the summit.

Education Summit 2018

Our main venue — ENS

You will be attending the Education Summit at the campus of L’École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS), considered one of the three most prestigious French universities.

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Past editions

The Education Summit was born in 2012 in Berlin on the initiative of Fred Beecher and Dave Malouf. Each year, we build on what we’ve learned from previous summits while maintaining our focus on advancing interaction design education across all levels of the career development path from early education to professional learning.

  1. Interaction 12, Dublin
    First roundtable discussion organized by Dave Malouf and Fred Beecher
  2. Interaction 13, Toronto
    Workshop with Kendra Shimmell (Cooper Design), Dianna Miller (SCAD), Dave Malouf (SCAD), Kristian Simsarian (CCA), Haig Armen (Emily Carr U)
  3. Interaction 14, Amsterdam
    Co-chairs: Dave Malouf and Simona Maschi (CIID), with Fred Beecher and Don Norman advising
  4. Interaction 15, San Francisco
    Co-chairs: Dave Malouf and Fred Beecher (
  5. Interaction 16, Helsinki
    Co-chairs: Dave Malouf and Fred Beecher (
  6. Interaction 17, New York
    Co-chairs: Fred Beecher and Liz Danzico (SVA Interaction Design MFA program)